Monday, July 27, 2009

Golden Days

Thirty five and a half weeks now. While the waiting game continues I have made a conscious decision to really savour and enjoy my little boy (who, by the way, becomes a 'big' 4yo on Thursday) before I get swept away to babyland.

So far this little bit of effort, more a slight mental shift than anything, has paid surprisingly huge dividends (my kinder ways with him have been rewarded with kinder behaviour from him). I've essentially been indulging him just that little bit more than normal: you want some blue playdough? Sure, let's make it now. You want me to read seven Mr Men books? OK, let's do it.

It's also helped that the weather has been lovely and sunny and this has meant picnic lunches (well, a sandwich shoved in Tupperware and a banana thrown in the bag) in the park, bike rides (for him, not me!) etc.

He's been a delight to spend this time with and I think a little tiny part of me is sad that it won't be all about him very soon...


Melody said...

I should stop commenting on your blogs because 'SNAP'. Either that or I should copy your posts and put them up on mine! *heehee*

Thrifted Treasure said...

I know how you feel, I felt so guilty towards then end of my second pregnancy that my little man wouldn't have mammy all to himself anymore and I actually started crying the first time I brought him out with me to buy some clothes for the new baby cos usually I was buying for him (serious hormonal monment), then the new baby comes along and you fall madly in love with them just like you did the first even though you may think it's not possible to love another that much :-)