Sunday, June 14, 2009

Twenty nine weeks...

The thirty week mark of my pregnancy is so close now, a few mere days away - and what a relief that is. I remember the blood pressure specialist congratulating me when I made it to 30 weeks with E. As she told me, a baby born at 28 weeks (when I struck problems with him) has an 80% chance of survival. At 30 weeks, it's pretty much 100% (though of course that's not to say the baby will be healthy - just more likely to survive).

Pre-eclampsia is such an unpredictable beast.My blood pressure has been holding steady - for now at least. It's been sitting at the high end of normal, but apparently none of the doctors I see are bothered by that. It's only when it breaks the 140/90 barrier (currently on about 132/85) that they worry.

So on we roll.


Melody said...

On you roll! Probably literally too if you are looking (& feeling) anything like me! Roll off the couch, roll out of bed etc., *heehee*

I'll be 28 weeks on Tuesday. The countdown has definitely begun.

M said...

So, the question is...are you and Melody going to live twitter the births?

kurrabikid said...

Melody - there's a LOT of rolling going on, not to mention groaning and puffing. And to think there's potentially another 3 months of this...!!

M - pfffft, not likely!!