Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thirty +

Here we are at 30 weeks. It's good to be at this point, and so far all is going so smoothly. I'd forgotten just how heavy and awkward things get in the final trimester. I'd also forgotten just how much housework involves bending! And as much as I nicely ask my other half to please pick up the bath mat it seems this is not something he places too much priority on ... sigh! I have, however, abdicated responsibility for changing the sheets on the beds and he's been cool with doing this.

I guess the thing I've noticed most of late is just how much my hips and ribs ache at night - are ribs supposed to ache in pregnancy? I really can't remember if they did or didn't last time. I guess this makes sense, since everything is being squished upwards and outwards. Rolling over is bed is soon about to require a crane.

Another odd thing I've noticed is an increase in tearfulness - the littlest things will make me upset. And a touch of morning sickness-like nausea appears to have come back. Bleurgh... as if 14 weeks of it wasn't enough! I suppose all this is pretty normal.

I am thankful that all's been well and that I am feeling well. Now, if only it would stop raining here I'd be positively chirpy...!


Melody said...

I hear you. Boy, can I hear you.

I have already asked Lyndon if he'd mind bringing home a crane from one of his work sites. He is working on it. I *hate* getting down and off the couch and turning over in bed? Argh. ANother story all together. (My ribs don't hurt but shite my thighs do in bed!)

Stomper Girl said...

I reckon really uncomfortable final stages of pregnancy is Nature's plan for making us not scared of labour. Just, whatever, get OUT of me already.

Anonymous said...

My ribs always hurt from feets being stuck up in them. 6 kids later...still don't like feets. lol.