Sunday, April 19, 2009

Party animal - yeah, no!

I went out last night. To a hen's night, for a very close friend who's getting married in 3 weeks. We started off with drinks upstairs at a swanky pub called Bungalow8. It was full of eastern suburbs princesses in expensive dresses and expensive shoes. Excellent people watching.

We were actually having a lovely time until "management" came over and asked my friend not to wear the veil (a tasteful white and silver sparkly one!) I'd bought for her. Apparently this establishment has a "no veils on Fridays and Saturday nights" policy.

Pah! The place was full of post-races women in dodgy fascinators and, hello, what if you're Muslim? Are you allowed to wear a veil?!! Bit silly, since we weren't being loud or obnoxius in any way, my mate just had a hen's veil on. Little do they know they picked on a group full of journos and editors - see next week's Sunday papers...!

After that we went to a "club" called Retro, that has three (or four?) floors of, yes, retro music. We'd planned on hitting the 80s level (natch) but it was full, so we headed to 90s.

I had a really nice night but can I say ... stone-cold sobre and sporting a 5-month baby bump it is a bloody weird experience to be out in such a joint dancing!!



M said...

Bah humbug to the veil haters!

Melody said...

I second what M said. Spoilt sports!

I remember I went to 'The Streets' concert when I was 8 months pregnant with Monet - now that was an experience, stone cold sober one at that....

Anonymous said...

A "no veil policy" WTF? I have never heard such rubbish!

Wish I could have seen the papers ;)

Cameron said...

I have been to that bar a few times when it first opened. Pretentious pigs. I have been to the Monkey Bar in Balmain 4 times since Friday. 3 days Lunch, once with a client. and tonight just for drinks. Try that one, once you get mobile again. :) They have restauarant, bar, conference, light meals, tapas, TAB, gaming, street tables and nice staff and guests.