Friday, April 17, 2009

How a day can change

This morning I was fed up and gloomy. And this was not good, because today E is at preschool, our work has an enforced Easter 'shutdown' (forcing everyone to use their leave, which means I am home) and the sun was shining. This combination should make for much happiness.

But I was teary. I do understand that it was probably 90 per cent hormones, being 5 months pregnant and all. Mostly I was upset at the thought of how much weight I have put on this pregnancy: 10kg in 20 weeks. I had stupidly Googled 'weight gain pregnancy 20 weeks' and the computer told me 1-3kg was a normal weight gain for 20 weeks.

Gulp. That puts me waaaaaaay over.

This was pretty devastating. Mainly because it was morning tea time and I was starving but I worried that obviously I'd been overeating, so I'd have to go hungry.

I was also blue about spending a beautiful sunny morning stuck inside culling a toddler's toys (it had reached crisis levels - overflowing - and when else can I do it except when he's not here?). Sniff.

When I was taking the broken toys (how did we accumulate so many?) out to the bin I picked up the mail. I have been thinking about winning lately. I just had this good feeling I was in for a win. And there, in today's mail, was a letter from the Lotto office (I recognise their envelopes).

So I did a little visualisation. 'It's not $10,' I thought, 'This prize has three digits! Or four!'.

Opened it up...



This couldn't have come at a better time, since the week in NZ plus a week's work shutdown means I have forgone two weeks of income (I am a casual employee). I took myself off to the local cafe in celebration. After my tuna sandwich I wandered along the street, looking for something I could have a little splurge on.

What did I come home with?

Two persimmons.

Why? Who knows ... possibly simply because I am pregnant!


M said...

Wow! Great win. You are very good at winning things.

Certainly turned your day around.

Super Sarah said...

Yay! I LOVE suprises like that! And as for the weight gain, its such an individual thing, unique to each woman and each pregnancy. I gained more than 30kgs when pregnant with Amy and was so sick this time round that my appetite had totally changed. The most important thing is your health and the health of the baby. Thats what I kept telling myself. And now I really want a tuna sandwich! I craved them during both pregnancies... yummy omega-3's!

Mary said...

You just go on eating as and when you need to! That baby needs you healthy!

And yay for the lotto win!

Melody said...

What a nice surprise to brighten up your day! Worth celebrating indeed.