Monday, January 12, 2009


... we picked this rather impressive (if I do say so myself) bunch of silverbeet from the garden.

I turned it into lasagne. Well, with ricotta it formed one layer of my lasagne. I also managed to squeeze four of our zucchinis into the meat layer of said lasagne.

It really was a cookathon this afternoon: we also made Donna Hay's double chocolate cupcakes. They have worked out nicely. Be lucky if there's any left by tomorrow.


Super Sarah said...

We had a day at home with lots of cooking too! Amy and I made choc chip cookies, I froze half the dough to consume with guilty pleasure at my leisure! Then tonight we made chicken and pea risotto, delicious!

Bokashi Composting Australia said...

Hi Kurrabi - Silverbeet is far more yielding as a flat leaf green vegetable. I love Lasagne, once blanched (or chiffonaded), it really makes a Lasagne. I like beef and white sauce lasagne with the Silverbeet, but I know that wont be everyones choice. Silverbeet, obv high in vitamin c, Iron. The whites of stalks can be used also, PM me for more details.

petite gourmand said...

We call it swiss chard here....And as I was reading this I was wondering if you got the recipe from Donna hay as I've seen a version in one of her issues.

I seriously have garden envy right now.
all I can offer up is maybe a snow-cone or two....