Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rockin' melons

It's been sweltering here in Sydney and, quite frankly, I'm counting down to autumn. There have been some pluses to the hot weather though. My fridge is currently half full of zucchinis. We've been feasting on zucchini bake, zucchini slice, zucchini frittata, zucchini cakes ... you get the idea.
The one thing we have been scratching our chins about is the rockmelons. I have two plants that clearly did a fantastic job of extracting all the bokashi goodness out of the soil - they have spread out for a good 3-4 square metres. Full of little yellow flowers too. It looks like this:

But no melons.

So I did what any modern-day amateur gardener would do. I Googled it. And I found out the yellow flowers are male and female and need bees to pollinate the plant.


We do get bees around the garden but not that many, after all, this is the inner west of Sydney. So this week Shaun and I were looking at the rockmelon plants, lamenting their fruitlessness when suddenly ... something caught my eye. It was this:

Whoa, that was well hidden. A rather well-formed rockmelon, tucked away under the mass of foliage. We searched some more and there were four or so big ones. And even a couple of these little beauties:

Now that we've discovered them, we figure we'd better, like, actually water the plants. I'm looking forward to slicing these up in coming weeks. Yum...

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M said...

So glad your vegies are successful. We've had a whole summer of tomatoes but my melons are a little drab.