Monday, June 16, 2008

Disturbing at the library

Occasionally I take E to storytime at the local library. He loves it. The librarian puts a heap of effort into entertaining the kids and the stories he reads are always fantastic.

But there's a problem. Nothing to do with the library or the stories: it's the mums.

Well, one mum in particular. I just can't bear to watch what she does to her little girl. The daughter is about 3 and every week this particular mother pushes (literally) the child forward in front of the group to do a dance or read a story or some other little thing.

I should add at this point that the girl in question is not especially outgoing or effusive. In fact, I would say she is quite shy.

Truly, it makes me cringe to see the girl made to do that sort of thing ... all so the mum can glow in the "oh, isn't she so clever" praise. I guess that, as a person who's always been fairly shy, I would hate that. And so I feel the girl's pain.

While that mum continues to go the storytime sessions I will not be going. I can't bear it!


Melody said...


I'm hearing you loud and clear. I *hate* mother's like that too. Poor little cherub... It is a pity it is ruining your story time and you're going to stop going because of her. I hope you give her 'greasy' looks. I know I would be...

Surfing Free said...

Poor little girl. She has to live up to Mum's ambitions. I HATE pushy Mum's .... surely the main thing is to just let your child be happy. Now that's success.