Tuesday, June 17, 2008


One of the first projects I have in my new job is writing a rather large story on kitchens and bathrooms. The following piccies are not featured in it (for I am not that silly!) but they give you an idea of what I am spending my working hours looking at.

There's the amethyst bath - seriously. Now, amethyst is my birthstone but I'm not sure I'd like to bathe in a chunk of it. Distinctive or too OTT? What do you think?

There's the stone basin. More organic, more my style...

I dig this bathroom too...

And how 'bout a loo with a stripy lid?

So imagine the blow when I come home to my rented home and lay eyes on my teeny-tiny, extremely out-of-date bathroom:



Stomper Girl said...

I should post a photo of MY rented house skanky bathroom. Then you'd feel better.

I don't mind the purple bath and I definitely love the stripey toilet seat.

Juliette said...

I love amethyst, imagine all the jewelry i could carve out of that bath!!!
I want one of those stripy toilet lids!
I like how its the lid only,
I don't think Id like the seat in stripes.
I love the pic of the big bathroom, though i wouldn't enjoy cleaning it!!!

daysgoby said...

*snort* That bathroom is probably the size of my entire downstairs,

LOVE the striped lid!

And oh, darlin', don't go there - my bathroom is a mish-mash of BRIGHT baby blue and bright RED squares...it hurts my eyes in the morning

Melody said...

Cool toilet seat!!!

Remember, there is always someone who has a worse bathroom than you.

Fairlie said...

Love the stripey toilet seat - do they come in other colour combos?

And that bathroom! Palatial.

Claire F said...

Oh I tottaly empathise with you! We are renting at the moment too, and the bathroom is no bigger than a postage stamp!

kim at allconsuming said...

That one you dig is bigger than the big boys' bedroom!