Friday, February 22, 2008

**An update**

And so the insomnia continues.
But I am pleased (I guess?) to report that it is down to matters (millions of them) swirling through my head in the wee hours and not my son suffocating me in my bed during the night.
Yes, in my house we persist with things.
Shaun got home on Weds and his presence has made a fair difference to E. Shaun has graciously handled the bedtimes and the night wakings. And almost immediately E has improved. He's still crying when he goes to bed, but it is crying not the WAILING we had before. He wakes and calls for me in the night, but usually just once.
I can't go in there as he wakes fully if I do. Shaun can go in and calm him without too much fuss.
So, yes, we're on our way to better sleep (for E) already.
Now, if only I could get a decent sleep... and Shaun probably wouldn't mind one either.


daysgoby said...

That's wonderful!

Juliette said...

YaY for Dads!!!
I was having a think the other day, on one of those odd occasions when i have 1 minute, no demands, no washing or house work to think about.
I don't think i will have a decent sleep til the kids are older.
Even then, realistically, i probably wont sleep then either, i will be thinking where are they, who are they with, hmmm, the joy of it all. Thank goodness for powernaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!