Monday, February 25, 2008

Girl power

Things are much improved in our house, thanks to the small matter of a good night's sleep (finally) being achieved. Never mind that the sleep was eventually achieved with a sleeping pill - just the chemist kind, nothing too strong. Whatever. It worked and I feel a little better.
Anyhow, after writing about my sleep deprivation I received some fantastic emails from good friends. It reminded me of what a brilliant force women can be. So supportive, so soothing, so just ... there.
I've been guilty of neglecting my friendships since E arrived. Somehow there just isn't the time (or perhaps I should say I don't make the time). I should.
My wonderful school buddy M wrote to me with tales of her own sleep woes and what I think is a truly ingenious solution: she puts a digital alarm clock next to her Early Riser's bed and a sheet of paper with '6.00' written on it. When the time on the clock matches the time on the paper he's allowed to hop up.
Sheer brilliance, I tell you. And she gives the best advice.
Then another ol' school pal J left me a comment about how she trained her daughter not to kick her in the night. Again, I take my hat off to the resourcefulness of chicks...
Then I had a note from K, a very, very dear friend in Scotland who has had her own sleep troubles with her (much younger) son. With both of us mums now we don't email all that often, but I always love hearing from her.
So suddenly I didn't feel quite so anxious or alone.
From the bottom of my heart...
girls, I thank you.