Friday, January 25, 2008

Sometimes life throws you these little nuggets of wonder, occurrences that illuminate the everyday and that form the basis for many an extended dinner party tale. I had one of those last night. My very dear Music Ed friend asked me along to see The Police. So there we were, strolling down to our seats in the VIP area – eight rows from the stage. We’re pretty pleased with our possie when C nudges me and says, “Hey that’s Hugh Jackman in front of us.” Indeed it was. Handsome Hugh out with his wife and two friends. And then we notice another rather famous somebody is seated right in front of us as well.

Can you guess who? Can you tell by the glossy blonde ponytail and the shaggy-haired husband. Nicole. Our Nicole. Right there. About a metre away. Directly between me and the stage, which to my sheer delight gave me carte blanche to stare at her for the entire length of the show. People watching has never been so damn good. So let me begin by saying what an amazing place we live in: this is one of the richest, most famous women in the world and she is just enjoying the concert, no-one particularly bothering her (if you don’t count the gawking). Sure there was a security guard hovering near the row, but no-one tried to call out to her or ask for an autograph or a photo. When you consider her status and the fact she’s number one on the paparazzo hit list right (pics of her baby bump are commanding big bucks), that’s pretty amazing. Yes, the baby bump. Because I know she’s pregnant I could see it. Had I not known, I’m not sure I would have noticed. This woman is slender. Tall and so slender. And she was wearing expensively cut skinny (make that super-skinny) black jeans (the kind of jeans I would have given a wide berth during pregnancy, but there you go) and an expensively cut couture top with beautiful, delicate feathering on the shoulders. She stood up and danced quite a bit. Now when I say she danced I mean she swayed her head a little and did that cool-girl sashay of the hips (as opposed to me who was bouncing up and down and waving my arms around to the amazing songs). Apologies for the name-dropping, but there must be a school of rock-chick dancing in LA because Cameron Diaz did the same “I’m groovy and gorgeous” moves when I saw her hanging at the side of the stage way back when she dated Justin Timberlake. It would be hard for Nicole Kidman to dance with abandon in a public place, because let’s face it, as cool as we all play it, all eyes were on her. Imagine if she did rock out a bit: pictures of a “hard-partying pregnant Nicole Kidman” would most likely make the tabloid mags and possibly even appear in the dailies. She probably doesn’t want that. However, she probably likes The Police (she was singing along) and she is married to a muso. Keith Urban looked to be very much in love with his wife, by the way. He was very affectionate and he spent much of the night with his arm around her or giving her little kisses on the cheek. I’d love to get my hands on him though: and the first thing I’d do is give the guy a haircut. That is BAD hair. Bad, bad, bad. He was wearing an astonishing watch though. It was smothered in diamonds and easily worth half a mill … maybe even more. During ‘Every Little Thing She Does’ he pulled Nicole close and sang in her ear “I resolve to call her up a thousand times a day and ask her if she’ll marry me some old-fashioned way…” Awh. But I digress: back to Nicole. The hair was expensive honey blonde. Up in a ponytail with a black ribbon. I don’t think I have worn a ribbon since I started going to university in Bathurst and cottoned on to the fact that it immediately marked me as “country girl”. Maybe I need to revisit the ribbon though? (Nah) Her skin was … faultless yet covered in heavy make-up. Fair enough, she has to expect she’s going to be photographed at any given moment. I can report though that she has no apparent wrinkles. Most peculiar for 40. Beautifully arched eyebrows, natch. Stronger cheekbones than you might expect. She looked less alien-like than some of the trash mags have been pronouncing her lately … yet the lips did look like they had been plumped. She wore little jewellery, just a mega-watt diamond engagement ring (three whoppers) and wedding band.
Starstruck? Moi?!


Kim said...

I wouldn't have even heard the music such would the focus of gawking been.

That is such bad grammar,but you get my meaning.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love reading about your fabulous luck of seeing Nicole and Keith and sitting directly behind them. I would have been freaked! Love, love, love the detailed description you give of your "sighting". Thanks for sharing. Anything else you forgot to tell us after your brain has had a day or two to process the information?

Could you actually hear him singing in her ear? That's awesome!!!

Surfing Free said...

Wow! I met Nicole once at a party in Melbourne .... a looooong time ago before she was famous. She was one of those people you could not take your eyes off. So stunning and so inately elegant that she seemed hardly human.
Now she's all botoxed and muscley and super skinny ... and not so interesting.
I would like to cop a look at her now though!

Stomper Girl said...

I can't bear Nicole Kidman but I was lapping up your celeb spot description, and was so excited for you. I think I would have spent more time drooling over Hugh Jackman though.

I'm such an old bag now that I really don't want to go to rock concerts any more, but I did really want to see The Police. I love The Police. I'm very jealous.

Do you mind holding onto that Big Issue for a while? I will try and find a copy (you know, support the homeless) but if I can't buy my own, I would really love to see the article.

Geologychick said...

Cool Picts! I saw The Police when they were here in L.A.! It was a great show, but it was probably even better so close to the stage, right behind Nicole and Hugh! :)

Oh, The Joys said...

Her hair is awfully BRIGHT.