Tuesday, January 22, 2008

If not now, then when?

If I had a crystal ball, right now I would ask it, "When is the right time to go back to fulltime work?"
Because I truly don't know.
At the moment I do three days a week in the office and that's all good. I also try to do freelance writing from home. But here's the thing: the toddler isn't sleeping like he used to (doesn't always have a day sleep - even though he still needs one) and that is bad news for me, as this is the tiny window into which I cram interviewing people and typing like a demon.
So perhaps the answer is to increase the daycare and do either four or five days in the office?
Or maybe I resign myself to the fact that Wiggle-sitting is the new window for working?
His age is a factor too. Two-and-a-half year olds are great fun and amazing little creatures, but they are also hard work. Sometimes I think I'd prefer not to do this particular kind of hard work. Let's face it, looking after small children is not exactly easy. And certainly not financially rewarding.
And yet...
I wonder if I would regret giving up time with him.
I wonder if being with me less may change the way he sees the world in some way.
These thoughts will continue to tumble around my mind but I think 2008 may be the year of returning to full employment.


On a lighter note, sometimes the strangest things happen when you turn your back.

Yep. Clearly underfed.


daysgoby said...

It took me a long, long time (and I'm not preaching at you, you understand)to admit that I am not a particularly good stay-at-home mom and that I need adult interaction. Truly, I enjoy my kids so much more now if I have a break from them.

As an interim measure: Can you increase the day-care by one day now and take that as your day to work from home?

Love the broccoli face!

Kim said...

It occurred to me today that perhaps all the literature on how it is good for young children to have their mother as the primary carer is not based on any solid research but is in fact just some patriarchal conspiracy to ensure women go INSANE.

Caring and raising a toddler is hard. Just plain hard.

Stomper Girl said...

I am a fully paid up card carrying member of the group that believes to fully appreciate your kids you need to miss them a little bit - because you spend time away from them.

But if you want the best of both worlds then what daysgoby said sounds good.