Thursday, November 8, 2007

Things happen in threes

My mother is quite superstitious and she believes things happen in threes - a fairly common one, I think. I actually had a nice day at work yesterday, but you wouldn't have known it by the end of the day. You see, when I get home I pick up the post. In yesterday's was a letter (1) - yeah, I know, a letter! - from a certain member of my family who shall remain nameless. Now, let's just say that this particular member of my family is quite the stirrer. QUITE. The unprovoked venom in her letter upset me.
Then I decided to call (2) - again - the woman I was in the car accident with recently as I'd not heard anything from her since then. Or her insurance company. Got a hold of her husband who seemed to be spinning me a big fat lie. So then I stress out about them being dodgy and me getting no recompense for my banged-up car.
Number 3. Opened my email to read a truly devastating note from a dear friend overseas who put all my woes into sharp perspective. She told me she'd been extremely unwell: with cancer. My God, I cried. This all happened some time ago and I didn't even know. I felt so appalling - what sort of a friend am I? One of the bad things about parenthood is that it's so all consuming that things like, ooh, interaction with good friends fall by the wayside. Not for any particularly upsetting reasons, just that there's never the time, the energy, the brain space. I find this incredibly sad - and it makes me feel a loneliness that's hard to describe.

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