Saturday, November 10, 2007

These are (just) a few of my favourite things

* Fresh sheets on the bed. They don't need to be ironed or anything - as if! Just clean and cotton. One of life's most underrated pleasures, I think.
* Tea - any tea, any time. Especially first thing in the morning - coffee just will not do.
* Eating vegetables fresh from my own garden - I had a great crop of broad beans this year and I have to tell you they were delicious.
* Putting on an item of clothing you'd expected would be too tight only to find it fits well (or is too big). That's a nice feeling.
* Sinking into a book that just takes you away. The last one that did this for me was Kite Runner, but I find myself frequently transported.
* A seat on the train, particularly in the morning (this gets the day off to a better start)
* A loooooong daytime nap from my son (as he is doing right now - good boy)
* Hearing a U2 song I've not listened to for ages and falling in love with it all over again.
* Having one part of my house neat - even if it is just one corner. In fact, it usually is just one corner.
* The scent of a beautiful curry slowly cooking on the stove.
* Neatly cut nails - I don't do long nails, they irritate me too much these days.
* Autumn days when the light is just so.
* Validation of a job well done - very important to us all yet sadly skimmed over so often.
* Sun-ripened strawberries. Apricots off the tree. Yabbies from the dam.

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