Sunday, October 28, 2007


Since I have been appallingly hopeless at keeping my proper (paper) diary up to date, perhaps I should note here some of the sweet/funny/cheeky things Mr Two has said or is saying right now:
* Kiwi - in our house this means penguin. We don't know why, but somehow, somewhere he has got the small brown flightless bird mixed up with its waddling cousin.
* Dor-doy - yes, we wondered what the heck that meant too, until Rose, his Brazilian daycare lady explained that 'dor-doy' (goodness only knows how you spell it) is Portuguese baby-talk for little bruise or sore. OK.
* Seeky-findy - you know how Aussies like to shorten everything? Well, even short Aussies like to shorten things. This is how E pronounces 'See if you can find it'.
* The general bossiness is quite incredible. He's getting a nice little vocab and he sure as heck is going to use it to try to get his way! These words are frequently spoken in our house: "Dadda, Dadda. Dadda! DADDA! You sit here!" This leaves poor Daddy with no choice but to ... sit there.

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