Monday, October 29, 2007

I should be working

... but I am not. Because I am having one of those days. A day when I am being obstinate - defying myself to procrastinate. I'm not good at procrastination; I am far too conscientious and far too much like my mother, who is one of the most organised and efficient people I have ever met.
Today, though, I want to do nothing (not write the feature that is currently torturing me) and I guess I did give myself permission to do a little less this morning by putting on the Wiggles for E. Even then, I didn't sit down and read a book or something. No, I tidied up, hung out washing, did some cooking ... and became even more grumpy at the lack of any quality personal time I have.
I sometimes wonder if I take on too much with the extra freelance work. In most cases the answer is no. It's just that I am working on a very difficult to research piece right now that has stretched out forever ... or that's how it feels anyway. And, really, I feel better already for having written this and spent the 10 minutes procrastinating that I craved. Okay, back to work for me...

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Kim said...

This was one of the very main reasons I went back into the salaried workforce.