Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Searching, searching...

I read a lot of magazines and newspapers. It would be fair to say I devour them. It's pretty lucky they're tax deductible for me as the annual cost can get pretty steep. I think being able to claim them is totally justifiable, because there's a process like osmosis that helps writers to hone their craft. The more, more, more you read, the more your style can evolve and improve.
Occasionally I read something that stops me in my tracks. I like to cut out and keep articles like this (I have a fabric-covered box in which these precious pieces reside). The one I am hunting around for now is one I read on the web, so I hope Mr Google will help me retrieve it. It's an article from the Boston Globe (about the experience of becoming a grandmother) that warmed my heart when I read it. I had to send it to my mother, who agreed that the writer was spot on. And me? I figured that with such joy to look forward to, the pay off of a few wrinkles may not be too bad at all!
(10 mins later - still searching on Fairfax)
(another 10 mins later - and here's a first: Ewan's in his cot crying "I want to go to sleep". Um OK, off you nod then. It is a bit hot and he's already tried the "I want water" trick. It's only 7.59pm)
(another 10 minutes later ... nope, can't find the article!)
Well. If this is not the biggest dud in blogland, I don't know what is! Damn. I was sure I'd be able to find it. I will keep hunting but for now, there's washing up to be done. I doubt anyone's actually reading this, but if you are, I apologise profusely for wasting, ooh, two minutes of your life.


Kim said...

I too have boxes of "articles of interests" and in various places where I've had the foresight to save them on my computer if I've read them online.

But there was this one article I read years ago, written by a young woman and I believe printed in the NY Times about being sexually aware and 'ready' in that mature sense but not that attractive to male peers so no avenue to pursue a positive sexual relationship while she had a gorgeous friend with no end of suitors but who was not mature in that way and not ready. This article put the proverbial cat among the pidgeons at the time but it was so well written and it actually connected with my own teenager recollections. Do you think I've ever been able to find it since? Nuh. But you've triggered the searcher in me to try once more.

kurrabikid said...

Aah, I'm glad it's not only me who's had this dilemma. I wish I'd printed it out or forwarded it to myself. I'm certain that it's out there somewhere but I'm afraid I just don't have the disposable time to go hunting!