Friday, August 17, 2007

And here we begin...

On my bookshelf I have an entire row dedicated to diaries. Thoughts of mine documented back to 1982. These books are precious to me and I have always said that if the house were on fire I would grab my diaries first (well, after the baby at any rate!). So it's about time I started a blog. After all, I have always been one of those people who feels the need to write things down (um, possibly why I am also a journalist!). To me, writing down events and thoughts and feelings is a way to somehow innure yourself against the race, race, race of time. I sincerely believe it works - always have.
When I was very young (probably about 10), I remember reading in one of my mum's magazines an article about 'how to slow time down'. It said that if you made notes about what happened and when you'd find that at the end of the year when everyone says, 'ooh, hasn't this year flown?', you can say, 'well, actually, not really, I've done x, y and z since February.'
Needless to say, I still subcribe to this point of view. My challenge now is to actually maintain a blog. The prospects aren't really looking all that great, given that I currently write in my diary about, ooh, once every three months. But since I am a quick typist perhaps it'll be quicker to tap in my thoughts every couple of days after the wee one is in bed? Time will tell!

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