Monday, July 30, 2012

Someone turns seven

It's official: I have a seven-year-old. For weeks now, we've all been thinking about E turning seven (mainly because he's been talking so excitedly about it for months!) but today, well, here we are.

A marble cake was the birthday request, and so that was what his dad baked him. A good job he did, too. It is mighty lovely.

E went to school today with a chunk of it in his lunchbox. And a tray of Donna Hay double chocolate cupcakes to share with his class. Let's just say the oven has been running hot round these parts.

A funny thing has happened to E. Almost as if on cue, he suddenly seems more grown-up. Both yesterday and this morning, he thanked Shaun and I with such genuine gratitude for his birthday presents that he made me glow with pride. 

I guess he really is growing up.

This guy, he's so easy to love. 

I remember reading somewhere, an age ago, that seven is the age when boys begin to 'pull away' from their mum and gravitate more towards their dad. I think it was in something Steve Biddulph had written. I guess we'll see fairly soon if that's true. 

Last night, as we wished our six-year-old goodnight for the very last time, E said to Shaun: 'I wish I could stay a little kid forever.' Shaun said he wished so too. But me? I am loving watching this little guy thrive and change and grow.

Happy birthday E!


Thrifted Treasure said...

Gorgeous! Happy Birthday to your little man. My H turned 7 in April, i think it's a magical age, so inquisitive and really their own little people, and yeah, they really like doing man-stuff with their Dad but it's still mum who gets to give the cuddles when they fall or have a bad day :-)

petite gourmand said...

happy b-day! hard to believe flies by.