Friday, December 9, 2011

Car-trip conversations

Don't you love some of the things kids come out with while you're driving? I want to remember this one:

Scene: way home from school

E: "Mum, did you know some kids don't believe in Santa?"

Me: "Really?"

E: "Yeah, they don't think he's real ... is Santa real, Mum?"


Me: "Yep!"

[boy thinks]

E: "The kids who don't think Santa's real, when they wake up and see their presents, they know that God brought them."

Me: "Mmmm-hmmm" [stifling giggle]

I love how this little guy thinks...!


Melody said...

Gosh he is getting big!

I am *dreading* the day when Monet announces such a thought! As if Santa is not real!! Sheesh. ;P

petite gourmand said...

oh that's too cute.

Lulu recently told me that Santa isn't actually a "human" who comes down our chimney.
"how could he momma? a. he would get burnt. b. we have an alarm system c. what if you live in an apartment building?"
um okay....
"he's more of a magic spirit, kind of like a ghost.
that's how he makes it all over the world in one night"
the stuff they come up with.