Saturday, July 16, 2011


Doesn't the logic of little kids just floor you sometimes?

Take today, for example. At 22 months T only has limited reserves of logic. Clearly this is the case because this morning, having brushed her teeth, she decided to pop her toothbrush into the toilet.

This was after me warning her to not do precisely that.

She has deposited THREE toothbrushes in the loo in the space of a week. That's about $12 down the toilet... (sorry!)

The boy, at nearly 6, then displayed his rather more advanced powers of logic. While his sister did a stint in time-out for her willful disobedience he was busily making something...

It's a bag. Made from paper and staples.

His thinking was that instead of T putting her toothbrush into the toilet we could retrain her to place it into said bag.

I like that he did diagrams explaining the steps of the process for her.

Here's hoping his approach is more successful than mine has been...!


Thrifted Treasure said...

Aw what a lovely big brother! You should buy the 4 packs of kids' toothbrushes in Target for $2.50 until this little phase passes!

petite gourmand said...

that's brilliant!
what a smarty pants you have there.
and nice penmanship to boot!

Stomper Girl said...

He will be a problem solver when he grows up, I'd put money on it!

Fairlie said...

Of course! A paper bag for the toothbrush. That was obviously the problem all had failed to provide a toothbrush bag.

Love it!