Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big school boy!

It's a rather momentous and emotion-filled day here: E started kindergarten today. Yes, such was his excitement at the prospect of his first day, he went to bed early last night without a protest. This morning he was all 'is it time yet?', 'when can we go?'

So we packed the ginormous school backpack with a bit of lunch and a tube of sunscreen and off we went.

The great thing about the school he's going to is that it's on the same street as where he attended daycare, so he's aware of where he is. Plus most of the daycare kids are going to that school so they did a heap of orientation. As a result, E just strutted into the school grounds like he owned the place! Then when it came time to go into the classroom he skipped off with not even a backward glance.

Me? Well, I did OK. I didn't linger. There were a couple of tears on the walk back to the car. The real force of understanding came to me when I was driving home after dropping Shaun at work. I passed a sign for Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, where E was born and it hit me: those precious 'little' years are over. Gone. I am going to miss that little boy SO much.

But - hey - life moves and changes and throws all manner of things at us. This change is nothing to worry about. I know he'll love school - and that thought makes me very happy indeed.


Super Sarah said...

Goodbye to your little baby boy and hello big school boy! He is going to thrive and of course, so will you!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Aw a big day for you both, glad it was painless and you only had a few tears :-)

Stomper Girl said...

It sounds like you were very brave. He looks so proud and ready! Don't forget, they get even better as they age, I know those "little' years are very special but then your kids get EVEN BETTER. (and much less work)