Saturday, November 13, 2010

Burn To Memory

Reminders of these last 'pre-school' days (sniff). Of fun and games like making colourful 'cupcakes' in egg cartons with all manner of random kitchen ingredients.

The boy may be SO ready to start school, but I am not sure I'm ready.

Is school the end of all this sort of innocent fun, I wonder? Is it all electronic devices from hereon in?

Do they suddenly value their peers' views waaaaay more than their mum's? Will I suddenly be inconsequential to him?

Will the little boy in him fade away altogether the minute he sets foot on those school grounds?

All I know is I wish these days didn't have to end.

But they do.

I'm not much into letting go, as necessary as it is. Goodness, what am I going to be like on his first day?!!!!


Stomper Girl said...

No, it's not the end of innocent fun and mummy-centricness. It's not even the end of little boyhood, not yet. My youngest is near the end of grade 1 and still my little fellow. Don't panic, I reckon you have some time left. (from a fellow sook x)

Morag said...

Oh no no no don't panic, my wee one is coming very close to her twentieth birthday and I think I am just at the stage you are describing here!

In all honesty I remember feeling like between 7 and 8 was a wee bit if a turning point but when I think back it is the years from 5 to 10 that I remember with the most fondness. Happy Days. Not that it's downhill from there on in - just different!

Thrifted Treasure said...

It's funny, they stay themselves but the peer influences definitely creep in. My son who turned 5 in April started school this year. I am very anti-guns, violence etc and don't even let them watch Ben 10 or any of that, but suddenly he learnt about guns and armies from his schoolmates and is obsessed with that now, drives me mad! Is still his innocent little self in lots of ways though, for example, cos he's never seen a gun when he pretends to shoot using a stick he waves it around like a fairy's wand shouting "bang bang" very funny compared to the other boys who have the full on Die-Hard pose going :-)