Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Oh, the rain. How it is raining here in Sydney at the moment. I could write a post about just how much washing I have in varying states of dryness, but I won't. Too depressing.

T has a second tooth about to burst through. This means she's a bit grumpy. Actually, I'd forgotten how tetchy babies of her age get (she's almost 9 months). She wants to do everything but can't, and so she whinges. There's lots of stiffening up. Want to stand up? No. Want to sit down. No. Want to be carried around? No. Arggggghhhh! The good thing is that I do remember E being the same, so I know it's just a phase.

It's so lovely to have finished working on the book. I have caught up on lots of things that had been neglected around the house (though there is still much more to do - always!).

So, pretty quiet in these parts, really.


Stomper Girl said...

Poor T. Teething is hard, and Bonjela is your friend.

M said...

Love the rain. Hate the rain. Can't decide. Love it when I'm inside. Hate it when I have to go to pick the kids up from school.

petite gourmand said...

Teething is the worst huh?

Supposed to rain here today-which would be nice so that the heat and humidity would subside.
Yesterday was 36 degrees with the humidex.
In May.
In Canada!
I think we are in for a long hot summer.

Oh and I LOVE the little pink hat. So cute.

jules said...

oh memories of the jolly jumper and the walker!!!!!!!

Melody said...

Yes, teething here too - numbers 7 & 8, believe it or not! *urgh* I find when she gets all whingy, I go out for the day - she loves a pram ride and a good browse in the shops.