Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fake-tan hands

The other day I scolded the boy. "Don't draw on your sister!" I said. "Her hands are all orange!" He told me he hadn't drawn on her. Yeah, yeah. Nice try, buddy, I thought, but I can see the evidence.

This morning I looked at T's hands: orange again.

It was first thing after breakfast and I knew E hadn't been anywhere near his textas. So I did what anyone would do: I consulted Dr Google.

Enthusiastic consumption of orange-coloured veg, it seems, will turn the hands and even the nose (!) orange. That beta carotene is amazing stuff. Apparently it is harmless to babies, even if the fluoro hands look a tad scary.

Miss T has been happily scoffing pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot with everything from slivers of meat through the rice, cheese and peas mushed through them.

Orange foods are my reliable 'mixer' for her. But it's clearly time to branch into some more greens!...

(It was very hard to photograph her - her hands are rarely still and the light doesn't really show it - nonetheless I present the photographic evidence)


jules said...

Well, there you go, you learn something new everyday!!!
I hadn't heard of such a thing :)
I love Google too!!!

Melody said...

Oh wow! MissL doesn't have that...yet. It is a wonder, you know my girl loves orange food too!