Thursday, April 15, 2010

new wheels

We are lucky enough to live by an amazing bike path. About 23km of it, all up. Before I had the little lady we'd go for a ride most weekends. We'd take a ball, flask of coffee and a picnic. Good times.

However, since having T most of my cycling has been on the exercise bike, not the real one. She's still too little for the bike seat (E went in at 10 months) and while E can ride his bike pretty well we've never had him ride alongside us yet - for reasons of slowness and whinginess.

So when T was tiny Shaun made a bit of an impulse purchase: a twin stroller that doubles as a trailer behind the bike. We've been dying to try it out, so last weekend we propped T up with pillows, covered the harness straps in foam so they didn't cut in and, lo, she sat in there happily.

One of the reasons we've been keen to try it is that soon the boy will be too big to fit in there! Right now he's OK and he's happy to sit in with his sister (which is great because he yells out if she slips sideways). We haven't used it behind a bike yet, maybe in a few more months.

It cost $100 (new) on eBay and we're loving it - or we will once we get used to the bemused stares it attracts in the park!!!


Super Sarah said...

I love your double stroller bike trailer thingy, I see a man taking his two children to preschool in one a few times a week, on the back of his bike. We always said we would cycle more in Australia but we live in such a hilly area that even my super fit cycling husband can't make it up the hill to our house!

Stomper Girl said...

I know all about the slowness and whinginess! But a tagalong type bike was a good answer and you'd be surprised how much a turbo-boost from behind can help you up a steep hill.

Melody said...

Cool! I love how E tells you when T falls sideways! *heehee* I bet both kids love it as much as each other, especially sharing the ride together.

M said...

Oh I love those things. We never had one but I used to lust after people who had them. Used one for a week on Rottnest Island in WA many years back and it was MAGIC.