Friday, February 12, 2010

Is it autumn SOON?

I am fed up. Over it. Had it.

The Sydney humidity has me beat. I don't know if it's just me, but it has been a looooong, hot summer. Perhaps it's just that with an extra bod in the house (un-airconditioned house) and working from home (in fact, spending most of the week at home) I am feeling it more.

Humidity not only makes me feel revolting (not to mention hot, bothered and grumpy) it also: a) frequently leaves me headachey and b) inflates our water bill - we're having double the showers.

When I was a kid, out on the searing hot North-West Slopes and Plains, I used to deal with the relentless summer heat by sitting on the tiles in the bathroom (every other surface in the house felt hot) and read a book, Trixie Belden perhaps or something by Enid Blyton, that was set in a winter. Preferably with snow. The more snow the better.

That's why, on a humid, icky afternoon where the thermometer has popped over 35, I have been looking back at some photos we've taken in recent years.

Here they are:

This is in New Zealand - a glacier. Oh to be there right now...

This shot was taken on the first morning after we'd arrived in England on our holiday in 2008. He looks cold, doesn't he?

This is when we had a long weekend in the Snowy Mountains in 2008. Looks wonderful.

Feeling a little cooler already!


The Mof said...

Sitting here in WA, sticking to the seat and like you wondering when Autumn will come. I am well and truly over Summer!
Thanks for the lovely coooold photograghs - they do make you feel better.
I have always loved receiving Scottish scenic calendars as the first few months of the year are always snow scenes and psychologically they make you feel good on a hot day.

Super Sarah said...

Ugh, I don't know how you cope without air-conditioning. I have been abusing mine recently. The worst for me, sleeping. Our bedroom is like a sauna and the ceiling fan just makes me sneeze as it stirs around the hot air. I am desperate for the cooler autumn but also freaked out because that will mean my baby is nearly ONE!

Eni said...

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Melody said...

Try living here *heehee*! We've been complaining when it is a rather cool 20 degrees - remembering it is the middle of winter here! I'll be referring back to this post in the months to come though, let me tell you...

Ahhh, Trixie Belden! I loved Trixie Belden so much that I actually named my pet dog (Australian Terrier) after her when I was 11.

Thrifted Treasure said...

I am totally over the Summer too, it's either been too hot and humid to do anything or pouring rain! We're getting cabin fever, roll on Autumn!

Eni said...

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