Friday, February 19, 2010

A compliment??

Don't you love the way people - particularly the slightly loopy ones - are drawn to babies?

Yesterday T and I parked out the front of E's preschool. Next to the preschool lives a lady. She is not a young lady, nor is her English all that good. But she loves to talk to the little kids as they go in and out of the preschool gates.

She came up to the car while I was getting T out of her seat and said this to her:

"Oh! Sixxxy bebbbby!"

(please excuse my inventive spelling, but I don't want my blog to come up when THAT is Googled. Ever.)

This is what T was wearing at the time:

Maybe she thought T was a boy (well, she is in blue), sporting a Peter Andre muscle-top outfit - very sixxxy? Maybe she meant, er, another word?

Whatever the case, I can't really think of any example of when you could legitimately use this description on anyone aged under 6 months.

I giggled all the way home.


Stomper Girl said...

Gawd! It's like that line from The Princess Bride : I do not theenk that worrd ameans what you theenk it does.

M said...


Anthea said...

Sarah - I'm in Sydney 27 Feb-4 Mar. Want to catch up? Try gmail or facebook if so. Hopefully see you soon!