Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year in numbers

I have a few minutes spare as the Little Miss sleeps and the Big Boy is off to see the 9 o'clock fireworks with his dad. I thought I might take a second before I update my diary (remember those?!) to write this:

2009 in numbers

FOUR has ALWAYS been my favourite number and will be forever since the due dates between my little ones turned out to be precisely FOUR YEARS and FOUR DAYS. Not that either arrived anywhere near their due date...

SEVEN months doing a job I enjoyed so much I would probably work there for free anyway. And they let me do it three days a week. Amazing.

THREE days and nights spent at on a famil at Sal Salis eco resort on Ningaloo Reef in WA. I was 16 weeks pregnant then and just emerging from morning sickness hell. The sheer beauty and peacefulness of this place is etched forever on my mind. It was quite simply heavenly. The snorkelling! The splendid isolation! And they call that work...

long weeks spent at home waiting, waiting, waiting for a baby to arrive. The little monkey.

EIGHTEEN hours in labour (most of that the mild stuff I really should add). To no avail.

ONE lotto cheque - it was under $2K but I was thrilled!

months of preschool - although E despised it at first (only slightly traumatic for all involved) he's flourished.

TWO kids. TWO!! A pair of healthy, happy, spirited, lovely children. The Big One is so incredibly funny, sensitive, thoughtful and doting (nothing makes me happier). The Little One? Well, what can I say? She is deliciously happy and lovable. Someone pinch me!

Whoa, what a year. Unforgettable. Wishing you a wonderful 2010. I've got a hunch it's going to be a good year...


Stomper Girl said...

Hurrah! What a good set of numbers. Wishing you and your happy family of FOUR a very happy 2010.

jules said...

Sarah, it was a wonderful year!
I too believe that 2010 will be a brilliant year!!