Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An update

It's September - and I still have a baby in my belly! 'Well, I never' is about the reaction from me. Considering my last pregnancy came to an abrupt end at 36 weeks ... well, I never expected to go over my due date!

It is, of course, a brilliant and sensational thing to go full term. Amazing! I have done so well (well, the drugs have worked, maybe I should put it that way!).

At today's clinic appointment I had another stretch done - poor cervix, third one in a week. This one, however, was successful. At the very same appointment I signed the paperwork for a caesarean on Thursday.

Talk about an each-way bet.

And so we wait. This is the 11th hour.

I've experienced some deadline pressure in my working life ... but nothing compares to this!!


Melody said...

Good luck! I'm thinking of you from half way around the world!!

petite gourmand said...

oh good luck- those stretch & sweeps sure aren't fun are they?
keep us posted

M said...

good luck! Waiting waiting.