Friday, September 11, 2009

9 Days

Ah, so much to write about ... so little time! Thea is 9 days old today and a real delight. Some of the things I have worked out about her so far are: she likes to drink milk until she's overflowing (E never really gorged, she does); she is a lovely sleeper (hmmm, so far) and last night I only had to get up to her once (don't worry, I know it can't last); she has a fine range of squeaks and novelty noises.

I'd love to write about the birth and first week or so, but that will need to wait for another day. So in the meantime here are a couple more pics.


Melody said...



How nice it is to share with a fellow blogger the birth of our daughters at a similar time... You know I'll be checking each post here with you and I'm sure you with me...

Stomper Girl said...

She's lovely. I'm thinking that excellent feeding is probably directly related to that excellent sleeping! Sounds like she's a keeper.