Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here we are

... at 38 weeks and 3 days. It's a good place to be. Things, I feel, may be going to happen soon. The Braxton Hicks type twinges are now more like a period pain. Mild and nothing to worry about, off and on too (feeling them mostly at night) - but notable.

This is good - isn't it?

I suspect it may be the start of what's called 'pre-labour', but I read somewhere that this can last for weeks. Hmmmm. It may not last all that long since on Tuesday the obstetrician is going to give Nature a little helping hand in getting things started.

Even this comes with no guarantee of kicking labour off, but I think it could be worth giving it a go. My mum reminded me that I don't have to have this done (and also it depends which obs I see at clinic on Tues - they all differ so wildly in how they treat their patients).

As of Thursday, when I had my last ultrasound, the baby wasn't engaged - but that doesn't really mean very much at all.

Exciting (and daunting, too), huh?

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Melody said...

I feel mine is ready to come out (3 weeks to go) but mine isn't engaged yet either. I had my latest Obs appointment yesterday - all is well. I'm seeing him again on Saturday - as he said, we're at the business end of this pregnancy! I'm getting a bit scared now *argh*