Friday, August 28, 2009

Due date

Well, I made it.


The baby is technically due today, and I am just back from hospital (having done a day stay admission from early this morning).

I am sitting here feeling really very upset because I've been dealt both good and bad news. Good: my blood pressure is stable and the baby is well and normal. (Better than good, really.)

Bad: I just had a second 'stretch' done - or should I say attempted - and the obstetrician says the cervix just isn't ready. But I had one done on Tuesday, I said to him. "Aah, well, the obstetrician you saw attempted one and probably didn't want to disappoint you by telling you she didn't achieve it."


So. It seems there won't be a delivery any time real soon (as in today, tomorrow). Of course, there may (who bloody knows?) - unpredictable little creatures, babies.

But what there is - unfortunately - is a date for a caesarean on Thursday.

I KNOW that's nearly a week away. I know. I KNOW I have to do whatever is best for me and for the baby. There's no way I wouldn't. BUT I can't help feeling slightly heartbroken at the prospect of staring down another caesarean.

Devastated, actually.

In the meantime, I suppose all I can do is pull myself together, start thinking positive and will this baby to arrive. SOON!


Melody said...

You will get your baby. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how it gets here, as long as it is a healthy little bundle of (crying) joy.

You've been in my thoughts today - I woke up thinking it was your due date! An overcooked baby is better than an undercooked one - maybe think of it that way...

I'm not helping am I? Good luck with everything. Really.

Mary said...

This isn't going to help much either (nothing really does at this stage) but my caesarians?

Were a million times better than my natural...

for what it's worth.

Come ON little one!!

kim at allconsuming said...

OH Bloss, so why is there a date for a Caesar rather than just a date to induce labour?

Super Sarah said...

Its the waiting that gets to you isn't it! Its so hard. I remember when I was waiting for Stella and then suddenly the induction date was there and I just felt like I hadn't had enough time to go into labour on my own. I still don't really get why they won't induce after you have had a c-section. Still, the best thing is your baby is nearly here! Can't wait to hear your news!

kurrabikid said...

Hey guys, thanks for all your lovely comments. I wrote this post as a bit of a 'download' pretty much as soon as I walked in the door from hospital. I am feeling more positive about everything now.

The reason I can't be induced is because I've had a previous C-section - and that puts my risk of uterine rupture at a very high 1 in 40. They just don't take that kind of risk. A natural labour (VBAC), which builds up more gently, still carries a 1 in 200 risk of rupture - but that's more acceptable in most doctors' eyes.

So it's a natural start or a scalpel. That's it.

Also, the fact I am on seven blood pressure tablets and prone to BP spikes also impacts...

jules said...

I won't be much help, but heres my 2 cents worth.
I loved my c sections, i was too chicken to go thru with a natural one, heard too many stories.
Im just a methodical straight forward kinda girl,
go in at 9am, have an epi, wait 5 or so minutes, then lay down and jobs done. I was back home in 48 hours, I heal quickly so there wasn't much hassle after, just had an excuse not to do house work for two weeks, brilliant.

Stomper Girl said...

You've still got till Thursday. A week is a long time at this end of the pregnancy.

Also, your ladybits will thank you if you have a caesar. Even if your stomach muscles do not.

When I was doing my VBAC my heart broke every time the monitor showed Baby In Distress because I thought that meant I would be immediately wheeled down to Theatre. But we made it, so I say don't give up hope yet