Monday, July 13, 2009

Six weeks to go

Since Melody posted a bump pic over on her blog, I reckoned I probably ought to too. So this is how I am faring at almost 34 weeks.

I feel ENORMOUS. Everything is getting pretty hard now. I truly take my hat off to the women of the Third World who have to work out in, say, the rice paddies or whatever, probably with a heap of kids at home and a baby in a sling on their back. My lot is nowhere near as strenuous as that. I just have to stand up on a crowded Sydney peak-hour train (do you think anyone has offered me a seat? Nope) then sit in front of a computer, make calls etc. Even this hurts! Last week I got a stitch (at least I hope that's what it was) from walking (waddling?) from my desk to the office kitchen to make a cuppa.

I have decided to finish up work this week. So far my blood pressure is holding steady. The medication has gone up, but only slightly. For me, this is a pretty huge and exciting thing. As was the news from my obstetrician last week that my low-lying placenta is "outside the 2cm cut-off" - which means if I go into labour any time from now, there is a possibility I may be able to try to give birth naturally (this is on the proviso that my BP behaves). YAAAAAAAAAAY. Fingers SO crossed. I will do anything to avoid another caesarean.

If, however, the baby needs to be born early for any reason I have already been told caesarean is the only card on the table. We shall just see...

So, here I am all hot and heavy! It's brilliant to feel so toasty and warm with all the extra heat of the baby. Shaun keeps complaining it's cold in the house and I'm like, "nah, it's not". Makes me pity my poor sister who spent all summer in the third trimester. Ick. Don't think I'd fancy that one bit.

The weight of this thing (now about 2kg) is seriously impacting on my sleep now. My bed has become such a bittersweet place. On the one hand I stare at it longingly all day, wishing for even a 5-minute nanna nap ... but on the other, the minute I hop in I feel the ache in my hips and I KNOW it's not going to be comfortable. Sigh. Truly one of nature's most rotten tricks to do this to a person who in a matter of weeks is going to be massively sleep deprived.

To top it off, I have hit an insomnia patch too (had this with E too), where I pass out when my head hits the pillow but come 2am or 3am - CHING - wide awake, hungry even. It's awful.

Anyhow, minor whinges aside, I am doing OK. Slowly starting to move out of denial and into that "right, we need to get ready" phase.

Still no ideas on a name yet though. That one's in the too-hard basket, I'm afraid...


Melody said...

I could've written this myself. *heehee*

Looking good!

Stomper Girl said...

You look great, but gawd, third trimester is just SOOOOOOOO uncomfortable, isn't it. You truly have my sympathy, and then when you have your lovely new bubsy I'll be slightly jealous!