Thursday, July 30, 2009

Four years

Dear E,

It is four years today since the picture above was taken. It seems incredible that here we are, four years on, waiting for the arrival of the fourth member of our family - and that the exact time between the due dates for the two of you is four years and four days. Makes me shake my head a little every time I think of it.

How things changed on this day in 2005. I could never have expected just how you would transform me and enrich my life - and your father's - in a way that words fail to describe.

Every year your birthday has (so far) been on a sunny day, despite the fact it falls in the depths of winter. I think this is no accident: it's the universe mirroring your own beautiful sunny nature.

This morning you woke to find a pile of presents waiting on the coffee table and your eyes bulged and you clung to your daddy's leg as if to say: "Could these really all be for me?" They were all for you, and you deserve every one of them for your (mostly!) lovely behaviour and for all the gifts you give us simply by being here and being ours.

The Luckiest Mum in the World


Juliette said...

Your a wonderful mother,
such loving words!!

Super Sarah said...

Gorgeous post, happy birthday to your little man! Keep us updated as to how you are going!

M said...

A big happy birthday from the EasternMax family!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Lovely post, little men steal their mammy's hearts away forever :-) My eldest is four and it's such a sweet age.