Monday, June 1, 2009

Interlude at the museum

Sunday was a pretty grey day in these parts. The sky had come over all Euro, which planted the seed of an idea in my head. At about 3pm I decided I needed to get out of the house. I know! Let's go to a museum!

We thought about going to the Powerhouse, but given the lateness of the day and the $10 each to get in, and the parking ... nah. Then I had an idea: a colleague of mine had told me about the museums at Sydney University. A few minutes' drive from us. And free. Perfect in this situation...

So we were there by about 3.30pm, wandering around the Nicholson Museum. It was surprisingly good. I was impressed by the quality of the artefacts - after all, it's essentially one man's collection. We saw a couple of Egyptian mummies (which naturally caused the 3yo to ask a billion questions: "But why is it called a mummy, Mummy?")

The Greek urns and jars were impressive, as were the tiles and relics from Pompeii. My favourite part was checking out some of the 'letters' (well, fragments of) from Egyptian times.

I wouldn't recommend anyone drive across Sydney to visit this place (it is small) but if you've a 3yo with a, ahem, limited attention span and you just happen to be in the 'hood, it's worth a look.

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Melody said...

I bet your 3 year old thought the place was gigantic!!

BTW, word verification is 'lookers'. *heehee*