Sunday, June 28, 2009

Countdown on...

Here I am at almost 32 weeks and the countdown till D day feels like it is well and truly on. On Tuesday I had a check-up at the hospital. I saw the obstetrician first and mentioned I'd been feeling a bit headachey and nauseous. He booked me in for a day stay. Then I saw the blood pressure specialist who said, "you don't need day stay". So I went to work instead!

It does feel to me like my blood pressure is a bit borderline, but it's hanging in there. Yesterday I went to labour ward on the advice of the midwives there. You see, the movements of the baby had dropped right back and that combined with high-end-of-normal blood pressure meant a quick admission for a check of the baby - all good - and my BP (fine). Was a big relief.

I'm still not sure when to finish up at work. When is a sensible time to stop working? Considering E was born at 36 weeks, I'm reluctant to go past 34 weeks. But then again, this pregnancy hasn't had the same issues as the first one, thankfully, so perhaps it's best to earn a few bucks while I can? I really don't know ... just don't want to push my luck.

We have rearranged the house a bit to cram the cot into E's bedroom, but there are lots of small jobs still to be done. Today I got all the nappies out from storage and I'm giving them a hot wash so they're ready to use. But I need to wash and air out the pram, move into the booster so we can give E's car seat a GOOD clean (filthy!) before we turn it back into a capsule.

We also have a few big (monumental!) tasks too, like deciding on a couple of names we like. Not getting far on that front...!


Melody said...

Naming your child is the hardest part, don't you think? *urgh* And getting to agree on one? Man, that is a hard task. We think we have sorted out our names. *Think*

As we threw out most of Monet's baby stuff or didn't ship it over with us, we have to buy a change table and cot - purchase hopefully this week. (I've been shopping around!) We bought a small set of baby shelves yesterday to at least put some of the baby clothes, blankets, nappies etc., on to.

I'm 30 weeks this week. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank goodness.

Keep well now - take it easy and finish up work as soon as you see fit.

Super Sarah said...

Names, shew, I don't envy you being at that point of your pregnancy! I am just so relieved Stella is here and we actually agreed on her name! I think you should get all the things done on your list and then see how you feel about working, that way you are organised if your bub does make an early appearance but also still working to earn those $!