Monday, May 18, 2009

Laying low - part 2

I had another ultrasound today. This one was to check a) that the baby is growing, b) that the placenta looks OK and c) that the placenta has moved UP!


Baby looks fantastic. The technician tells me it's about 850g now (25 weeks) - and showed me a graph that puts our bub smack-bang in the middle of 'normal'. Good.

I had a Doppler done on all the uterine/placental blood vessels, the cord etc. All fine.

That placenta? LOW! Darn it. Not dangerously 'blocking the cervix' low, I was assured, but the technician said "you'll be needing a couple more ultrasounds." And then she gave me the tip to avoid Monday appointments (they ran an hour late today).

She also said "well, you've had one caesarean..." Yes, but I was hoping to AVOID having another. LIKE. THE. PLAGUE.

However, what will be will be ... all that matters is that the little one is doing OK in there.


M said...

Such a bum about the placenta but at least it's something that we know about these days via scans etc. Not fun, I know, waiting out a caesar - I was booked in for one with my first because she was breech but she turned at 38 weeks which was a blessing. Believe me, I felt that turn!!

Thrifted Treasure said...

I had placenta praevia on my first, just make sure you take it as easy as possible (with a 3 year old I know it's hard!!!), I've known a lot of people whose placentas were low and then moved, I was one of the 5% whose didn't!! All good in the end though, had a c-section and baby boy was fine :-) Great bargains you got at the Op shop, I love picking up fab clothes, I've gotten Seed, Fred Bare, Osh Kosh, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap - all at the Op Shop!!