Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grown up in days

It's amazing how sometimes a child can mature in what seems like a matter of days. Maybe each new developmental stage creeps up slowly, but we parents finally notice it and it's like, bang, whoa, since when he did know how to do that?

This week has been a case in point. My mum has been looking after him most of this week and she's like the learning accelerator; he always comes away from time with her having learnt some brilliant new thing.

Well, the latest achievements have been pretty huge. Our boy has been rather reluctant in the toilet training department.

Last week? He needed the occasional nappy. This week? No nappies. All I can say is yipppppeeeee! Night nappy last week. No night nappies now - and only one damp bed in a week. I think we can call this progress.

We've also noticed a lovely increase in his concentration span (as I write this he is playing on his own!) and a new neatness in his writing that wasn't there last week. He didn't take his monkey to preschool. Nor did he cry when we left him there - pretty much one of the first times since Feb.

So the 'big boy' haircut has coincided with all this change.

He's really growing up.


Super Sarah said...

Wow, big changes! Great news on the potty front, I am envious to say the least although thankfully our poo issues are resolved now so its just waiting until Amy is ready for the next stage of training. Sigh, they do grow up fast don't they!

Melody said...

Yay on the toilet training, especially with a new family member arriving soon!

It is funny you blog about 'grown up' as I have really noticed a BIG change (for the better) since Monet started Nursery School/Kinder. She seemed more 'mature' all of a sudden. With her beginning school in September I am sure we will notice another change in her...