Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm running late - for several things, really. With updating my blog, sure. But more pressing for me is the fact that the new U2 album was released on Saturday and I have only just downloaded it. Oh the shame - this would NEVER have happened when I was 16. I would have been waiting outside the store for the doors to open to grab that first copy.

How things have changed.

Frustratingly, I have downloaded the album and put it onto my phone, but it won't burn onto a CD. What is it with that? Does your $16 buy you only one shot at what you do with your downloaded files (ie either mobile or CD, not both?)? I don't know, but the upshot is that I might have to listen to the new CD on my mobile ... which is not at all satisfactory.

But, hey, at least it is in my hot little hands...


Juliette said...

Aren't people downloading from their computer to their Ipod thingo.
I don't have one... yet

kurrabikid said...

Jools, I wish I knew how...!