Saturday, March 7, 2009


One of the many fantastic things about working on a magazine is the extra opportunities it can afford you. Working part-time, as I do, means I sometimes get overlooked on the perk front. But not this time. You see, I have scored an amazing trip here:

It's Ningaloo Reef, in WA's north-west. I am heading to Sal Salis - an eco-resort in the Cape Range National Park. I will have a night in Perth first, staying in a boutique hotel for a city breaks story I am writing, then up to this divine spot for three days.


Did you get that? My own! I know I will miss my boys, but, wow, the chance to go on a mini holiday on my own? Bliss! I can't pack my bags quick enough.

In case you're thinking, 'listening to her gloating' I should add that I've worked for this particular mag for 4 years and this is the FIRST travel story I've been sent to do (have written others on places I've been under my own steam).

I've also had the pleasure of seeing my little boy in this month's issue. Full page. he was our 'model' (unpaid, natch) for a beds story we did. The mere inclusion of E in this month's issue means circulation is soaring ... think my Mum alone bought 10 copies!


M said...

That certainly is a great perk! I'm a west aussie and I've never been there.

Must go back and check my copy because I missed your boy. Mind you I was so dazzled by the neighbours article that I just couldn't go any further. ;)

Super Sarah said...

WOW - what a treat, well deserved I am sure but fabulous... enjoy every second. The idea of a mini-break on my own is very appealing right now!

Melody said...

Fantastic! Great perk (& what a gorgeous model - could be the start of something you know!) and honestly, have a wonderful time ALONE on your trip. Enjoy.

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Have the most wonderful time - imagine being able to swim without scanning anxiously to make sure the kids are OK..

juliette said...

Is there room in your suitcase for me??
I'd love a break away from the kids.


kim at allconsuming said...

OH MY - can I come in your bag???

And I thought that was E when I was reading the latest issue - which I might say is a TOME. Talk about comprehensive!

On another matter - if you know (or anyone in your office knows) of somewhere not far from Syd (the Mtns, the Hunter) for a night away for three friends which is cheap and has it's own facilities - let me know!

petite gourmand said...

Good for you!
sounds like we have similar jobs (and our kids do too)
Lulu has been in a few magazine spreads as well.
I do miss the travel jobs. (especially to NYC, Chicago & Miami..sniff sniff)
I haven't been away since becoming a mom.

I love that bedroom your son is in.
What a handsome little man.
What magazine is it?