Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Energy: a revelation

A funny thing happened to me today: I had energy! Lots of it! Enough to push a stroller up the hill to the supermarket and back, laden with groceries. This is something I've not done for months, because I've been too morning-sicky and it's been too damn hot. Today, though, I felt I could manage it.

A breakthrough.

Then, while E napped, I had another strange urge come over me: I got a saw out from the garage and proceeded to cut down the very large rubber plant (weed) that was threatening to completely disguise our mailbox (and bring down the neighbours' wall with it). It was not the smartest thing for a pregnant woman to be doing, but I felt a sense of achievement when it was done!

I've read about "energy levels surging" in pregnancy books, and I do believe this may actually be happening to me. (Hooray!) With E, I don't recall such a strong 'change' in energy levels and feeling of wellbeing.

Perhaps it's just that this pregnancy has been so much rougher on me that I am seeing a stronger contrast? Whatever the case, here's hoping the energy sticks around a bit.

Random pic, taken by the lad's dad, just because I like it:

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