Monday, December 1, 2008

Me and Heidi Klum, we're like that...

As if she needed any introduction, this is Heidi Klum. German model, highly, highly paid TV presenter and mother of three who always seems to "get her body back" minutes after giving birth.

I would never, ever have presumed to have anything in common with Heidi.

Until today.

You see, I glanced at this story in today's Sydney Morning Herald and did a double take.

Heidi keeps her teeth when they fall out? Wow, me too!

Well, I used to anyway. None have fallen out (thankfully!) in recent decades. When I was young I would hoard my teeth. (Apologies to anyone with a delicate disposition - not a pretty mental image, I know.)

For some unknown reason, the lure of 20c (as it was then) from the tooth fairy was just not strong enough to entice me to part with my chompers. No, I was into a longer term sentimental investment. (Yeah, whatever.)

This was all good and well until the day that my jealous younger siblings (who would always flog their fangs for 20c) discovered the little jewellery box I kept my old baby teeth in ... and took them into the garden to "play" with them.

Naturally, they lost them. Teeth. Gone. Sniff... I was most upset. I think Mum got quite cross with them both, because they were, after all, my teeth. And it was up to me what I did with them.

I haven't thought about those teeth in years (honest), but, gee, thanks Heidi for the memories...


Stomper Girl said...

So if you keep your little fella's teeth, make sure you hide them in a child-proof spot. I'm just sayin..

kurrabikid said...

Ha! A whole new opportunity for tooth collection ... I hadn't thought about collecting his. Hmmm ... perhaps I will though!