Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm not quite sure what's happened, but I have encountered a feeling I've not experienced for a while: I feel strong. At first I thought perhaps I was feeling content or happy and yes, those both apply, but I keep coming back to this word: strong.
It's a pretty sensational feeling.
Yesterday I felt the urge to go for a ride while E was asleep, so I pedalled hard for an hour and it felt nice. Today I went for a walk (too windy - hate riding in the wind) and found myself jogging sporadically. If there's one thing I don't do it's jog. Why the urge struck me, I don't know but I'm going with it.
Wonder what it all means?


Speaking of strong, my veggie garden is beginning to go gangbusters, particularly the zucchinis (which I am very excited about because they are my favourite veg).

It's very satisfying to see them do so well, especially as they started as a tiny seed. As you can see I have mulched. My goodness, that stuff made me itchy though. I am slightly sniffly around some grasses and I suspect that whatever gets up my nose was in this batch.
I wonder if I went too far though? I actually mulched my seedling nursery (ie four old pots) - are you meant to mulch over seeds or does this inhibit their growth?

I also attempted to take a photo of the tomato plants, to show they are almost as tall as me ... but I'm afraid this is as good as my photographic efforts get.

In order to take this I had to use the self-timer and it (I!) kept cutting off my head, so in the end I had to sit in front of the tomatoes ... perhaps they're not as tall as I thought!

PS: how's the zeitgeist? Sydney and Melbourne-ites might have seen the Real Food supplement in Saturday's paper. I mean, I know that growing your own veg is on-trend (indeed it's kinda my job to know such things) but I now feel like I may be part of a movement. Woohoo. It was actually a very good read, that supplement. All credit to them (because I know these things can sometimes just consist of fillers around the ads - I know this as, erm, sometimes I write such bumpf).


daysgoby said...

I'm so jealous of your lovely weather and coming-on summer!

(she said, typing as the rain sizzles down the windows and the logs pop in the woodstove)

and you're lovely, out among your plants.

Bellgirl said...

Look at those zucchinis go! They're my fave veg to grow, it's so satisfying to get them going from seed, eh? My son's very into them at the moment, he's new to talking but can name a wide variety of vegies, and this past week it's been "'kini, 'kini!" at every mealtime :)

I did a double take at your shed in the pic of you and the tomatoes- that's our mission brown tin shed!

It's great to have you as part of the Veg About- I guess we're part of the Movement, eh? I must hunt down a copy of the Saturday paper.

BTW If you'd like to put the Captain Jack Sparrowgrass sidebar button on your blog, you can find it here: