Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finally, after three years...

... we have a place at one of the local childcare centres! One we want! (We've been offered a spot at every one except the two near where we live.) I have yet to check this particular centre out, but I've heard good things about it. It blows my mind to think that my name has been on that waiting list since I was 4 months pregnant. Amazing.
Good things (eventually) come to those who wait.

PS: the only bad thing about finally scoring a place for E is that he will have to leave his Family Day Care carer who is, quite seriously, one of the warmest and loveliest people I have ever encountered. It's no exaggeration to say she loves E as much as I do.


M said...

What's really amazing about this is that a place has come up despite the enormous demand there will be for places with the collapse of ABC and the other alphabetty-sounding crowd.

Great news!

Fairlie said...

Three years? That is quite a wait! Any longer and E would have been in school already!