Thursday, October 30, 2008

Law of attraction

I stumbled upon this bright yellow book at the library recently - how could I miss it? It is called, and I am not kidding, Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting - The Astonishing Power of Positive Feelings. Not the best title, but it's proving to be an interesting read.
It was published a couple of years ago, well before the force that is The Secret, but it is essentially the same idea: the law of attraction. In a nutshell, the book says we are all basically energy and we give off energy. We emit energy at different frequencies and... you know the rest.
You get back what you give out kind of thing.
The book is a little repetitive - I guess it's just reinforcing a point - but I've been giving its premise a bit of a shot. The results have certainly made me sit up and take note. Here are a couple of the things that have happened in the past few weeks:

* I was worried about losing my job, since I'm not a permanent member of staff. Very worried, to the point that I was getting upset about it at work. After the worst morning (tears in the office) I read a bit of the book in my lunch hour, felt a lot better, had a quick cheapie massage ... I get back into the office to have my editor usher me into his office and reassure me that all is OK.

* I was feeling pretty OK about my finances - a couple of invoices had been paid in one chunk ... then the quarterly childcare rebate ... which I had completely forgotten about!

* Having decided I was in dire need of some decent summer clothes I walked into Myer at lunchtime yesterday and tried on the most beautiful pink dress. It is just one of those rare pieces that fits so perfectly. Amazing. So I say goodbye to big chunk of the childcare rebate and walk out happy!

* Go to Greek bakery to pick up some fresh Turkish Delight - I ask the lady for a kilo, she puts some pieces in a box ... it is exactly one kilo. Exact.

* Trying not to focus on feeling isolated in my position in the new office ... when my colleagues ask me to lunch. Nice.

* Driving home tonight I was thinking about how I won two competitions recently and how it was probably because I believed I was going to win. I haven't been thinking about comps much lately and it occurred to me that it might be in my interests to ... walk to the mailbox. Lottery cheque is waiting. Not the big one, but still a win!

What do you think? Sheer coincidence? I don't know ... but I don't think so.
I choose to believe that there is definitely some magic to the power of belief.


Melody said...

What a great 'feel good' post.

Thanks for that.

Fairlie said...

Okay. I'm now *believing* really hard that I won the jackpot of Lotto. I'll let you know if it works.