Monday, October 20, 2008

If a watched kettle never boils, does a watched garden never grow?

I think I need a new hobby, because my current one is driving me a bit batty. I decided a little while back to take over our vegie patch because Shaun sometimes does infuriating things like tip an entire bucket of water over the tiniest seedlings, flattening them in an instant.
So I weeded, pulling out great handfuls of grass and mint (that stuff is prolific!). Then I conditioned the soil patch by patch with my Bokashi.
I know gardening is supposed to be relaxing and good for you - and I definitely think it is - it's just that I go and look at mine about four times a day. Just in case there's been any, you know, triffid action from the tomatoes.
This is my problem (and it doesn't only relate to the vegie patch, sadly): I have no patience.
I want results - and I want them now!!
It is over the top to sprinkle seedlings with water three times a day, isn't it? And to gently smooth the soil around them? Thought so.
And part of the problem is that I (of course) went completely overboard and as a result my small vegie garden has:

pak choy
radish (another weed!)
... and today I bought some basil to plant among all this.

My problem is that I've planted various seeds over a few weeks, then a) I've forgotten where I've planted them (luckily it rains) and b) I am unsure exactly what's a seedling and what's a weedling. I suspect I have pulled up a couple of perfectly good baby vegies.
The answer may be a self-imposed ban. I need to restrict myself to just checking the garden every few days. Perhaps then I will see some actual progress!!


M said...

Now I'm feeling really behind in my planting.

The best thing for a garden is to go away for a week. Or even a weekend away. They don't like to be watched.

Melody said...

I'm a hopeless gardener. Full stop. I would be like you and rushing out every couple of hours to see what had sprouted!