Monday, September 1, 2008

Spring time

I was planning to write a longer post today, but I am feeling a little bit gross. In fact, I nearly threw up while changing E's nap-time nappy. He had a tummy bug last week (right when I was on deadline at work - natch) and I suspect I have a touch of it.
Anyhow, on a far nicer note, here's a pic I took this morning while we were in the park and before the queasiness set in. It's nice that spring is here.


Juliette said...

It must be the day for it!!!
I had to deal with an explosive young man today, lucky I had a spare pair of trousers for him!!!
Mate, it was everywhere, Unfortunately I was in a shopping center so had to make the most out of a handful of baby wipes, if I was at home I would have hosed him down,
Oh the joy of kids!!!

Juliette said...

that is a very cute pic of E!!
I love the sunshine!!!