Monday, September 15, 2008

Have we moved on? Nope.

I don't profess to agree with Sarah Palin's political standings. But I do care that the Washington Post ran a piece on the colour of her lipstick. Likewise, other papers have been reporting the upsurge in requests for glasses of the style she wears.

When will this stop?

I shook my head in dismay at these reports. Why must we always grade a woman on how she looks? This is a politician in the running for the one of the highest positions in arguably the most powerful nation in the world and commentators want to discuss the shade of her favoured lippie.



Never would we see a 1000-word piece on Barack Obama's chosen brand of shaving cream. Can you imagine an opinion piece on Kevin Rudd's choice of ties? No, me neither.

I grew up in the age of Backlash and The Beauty Myth. Have we moved on from there? I'm not so sure.